So it's really funny. I hear this one a lot: "I would sell my soul to be able to...." - Draw like you do - Write like you...

I Would Sell My Soul...

So it's really funny. I hear this one a lot: "I would sell my soul to be able to...."
- Draw like you do
- Write like you do
- Make cards like you do
- Play music like you
- Think like you
- Make cool things all day
- Animate like you do
- Do magic like you
- Handle cards like you
- Perform like you do

Really???! Why?
You don't need to sell your soul if there is something you want so badly you can taste it. All I've ever wanted is to create amazing art, and I work at it daily. Hours and Hours of practice. Daily!!! I'll never tire of the pursuit because I understand that time is all it takes.
** Think of any magician that you've seen wow audiences with crazy illusions and misdirection (hundreds of hours of practice). Metal musicians that can make your face melt with sexy sinuous trills (hundreds of hours of practice). A classical violinist who can make your spirit soar into the heavens or make you feel as if an animated character you are watching is being propelled by the music itself (hundreds of hours of practice). Think of the animators who spend countless hours watching micro expressions on their friends and family's faces and trying to capture those little extras.(hundreds of hours of practice). How about photographers poring over old magazines and catalogues studying pose and composition or clothing designers who spend a lot of time dreaming up new trends and patterns. Even the bad-ass writers who make it to the top 10 on the New York Times bestseller list. (hundreds of hours of practice).
You have study and practice, then practice until you think you've got it and then study more. Then you study until you are brain dead with exhaustion and go practice until it hurts. Then you repeat the process over and over.
People often think that artists, musicians, writers, magicians, etc are some of the lowest drive individuals because by the time you finally see us in public, we're manic with our obsessiveness about our craft and appear brain deficient or slow to describe our ambitions. We spend so much time invested in practice and study, that we have little to no time for social proclivities. Beyond that, we contend with crippling self doubt and personal acceptance. We could give it all up and get a "real job" but why would we? We feel compelled toward a greater existence, a calling that won't stop hounding us.
Think about all of this the next time you speak with someone who describes themselves as an artist, a magician, a musician, a writer, or any other sort of creative. Take a moment and connect with them and ask of their pursuits, you'll find out just how ambitious that individual actually is, and you may even be able to help encourage them onto their next step.
If you want to be an artist, musician, writer, athlete, or any other thing that requires practice, stop complaining or trying to sell your soul, and start doing something about it!
**Note, this applies to all creatives - if I didn't mention your creative field, there is no offense intended or implied claim as to your being creative or not. I wouldn't have the space if I listed out all creative fields and examples for each so I just went with a few examples **
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